Motion Wellness Counselling Sessions



At Motion Wellness our individual counselling service is aimed at assisting individuals navigate through life difficulties.  Our counsellor will work with you to help you clarify issues, explore options and develop strategies to better manage and or resolve what you are struggling with. Some common issues that we can help you with include: Anxiety, depression, stress, anger, substance abuse, gambling problems, grief and loss - amongst others.  

Our Counsellor holds a degree in Counselling and is a fully trained Psychotherapist for those clients wanting to do deeper work. All work done is based on evidence-based models, in a non-judgmental and confidential setting.

Helping you with undefined issues

It is not necessary to have a clearly defined issue to make an appointment for counselling. It is part of the counsellor’s role to help people understand and define their issues during the session. If you are confused by or unsure of what is wrong then start from there and ask your counsellor to help you work things out.



Our symptoms check list can help you recognise when you may need to seek help:


Common symptoms of Anxiety can include:

- Obsessive thinking and compulsive behaviour

-  Avoidance behaviour and social isolation

-  Restlessness

-  Irritability

-  Hot and cold flushes / sweating

-  Faintness / dizziness

-  Racing heart

-  Muscle tension

-  Difficulty breathing

-  Tightening of the chest

- Upset stomach or nausea



A feeling of sadness or unhappiness is something we all experience at times. Sadness is a feeling we need to help us heal. However when feelings of sadness won’t go away then this can be a sign of depression.

Common symptoms of Depression can include:

- Feeling down or sad

- Low self-esteem

- Loss of motivation, enjoyment and interest in doing things you normally enjoy

- Low energy

- Changes in sleep (difficulty sleeping or sleeping more than usual)

- Feelings of worthlessness

-  Changes in appetite or weight

-  Poor concentration and memory

- Suicidal thoughts



Stress is that feeling we get when the pressure of our lives builds up and we become tense. Sometimes this tension is a result of worrying about how to deal with a stressful situation or event. Many people face stress at work. Rather than doing nothing and hoping it will go away, seek help from a counsellor & begin to learn how to de-stress and improve your health.


Common symptoms of Stress can include:

- Frequent headaches, jaw clenching or pain

- Gritting, grinding teeth

- Stuttering or stammering

- Tremors, trembling of lips, hands

- Neck ache, back pain, muscle spasms

- Light headedness, faintness, dizziness

- Ringing, buzzing or popping sounds

- Frequent blushing, sweating

- Cold or sweaty hands, feet

- Dry mouth, problems swallowing