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How Spinal Adjustments Can Improve Mood and Reduce Stress

Updated: Feb 18

Life can get overwhelming, and stress can affect mental and physical health. While there are many ways to de-stress, you should consider spinal adjustments to improve your mood and reduce stress.

In this blog, let us explore how spinal adjustments can improve mood and reduce stress.

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Learn About the Spine

The spine is the foundation of your body’s structure. However, it can easily become misaligned due to everyday activities like sitting at a desk, lifting or carrying heavy objects, or simply sleeping wrong. When the spine is misaligned, it can cause pain, tension, and even mental distress.

Spinal adjustments help realign the spine to its correct position. These sessions improve your posture, reduce pain, and improve your overall mental and physical health. By releasing the tension, spinal adjustments can help improve your mood and reduce stress.

Chiropractors specialise in spinal adjustments and can help you find relief. They make adjustments to the spine to reduce inflammation in the spine and help nerves work better. This can help improve mobility and flexibility, as well as relieve pain.

Spinal adjustments also help improve blood flow and circulation, which can help release endorphins and reduce stress. Endorphins are hormones that help boost your mood and relieve stress. Studies have shown that endorphins can help reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Spinal adjustments can also help to improve your posture. Poor posture can cause strain and tension, leading to physical and mental distress. By improving your posture, you can reduce stress and have an overall better outlook.

Finally, spinal adjustments can help reduce fatigue and improve energy levels. When you have a misaligned spine, it can cause fatigue as the body has to work harder to support it. Adjusting the spine can reduce fatigue and improve your energy levels.

Understanding Stress and Its Effects

Stress is the body's response to perceived threats, both physical and emotional wellness. The body responds to danger by releasing hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, responsible for preparing the body for a fight-or-flight situation. While this response is beneficial in the short term, chronic stress can lead to health problems such as high blood pressure, anxiety, and depression.

Physical symptoms of stress include tension headaches, back pain, and neck pain, all of which can result in stress-related physical symptoms that can pose a negative effect on the quality of life of an individual.

How Spinal Adjustments Can Improve Mood and Reduce Stress

Stress is a common issue that many people face, and it can impact both physical and mental health. The demands of everyday life can take a toll on the body, leading to stress and erratic mood swings.

Below are some ways spinal adjustments can boost your mood and reduce stress.

1. Eases muscle tension

Muscle tension may result in pain and discomfort when the spine is out of alignment. Since the body is in a constant state of fight or flight, this tension may also produce mental stress.

Spinal adjustments help relieve pain and tension in the muscles by releasing the tension in the muscles.

2. Triggers the release of feel-good endorphins

The body's endorphins naturally dull pain and provide a sense of well-being. Spine adjustment has also been linked to reduced stress and increased feel-good endorphins.

3. Boosts the efficiency of your nervous system

Adjustments to the spine may calm the neurological system, allowing the brain and body to communicate more effectively. A better disposition and less nervousness may arise from this enhanced dialogue.

4. Aids blood circulation

Spinal adjustment can help improve circulation, meaning the brain and other organs get more oxygen and nutrients. Increased blood flow to the brain can likely affect cognitive performance and depression positively.

5. Lifts posture

Pain and discomfort are the results of body strain from poor posture. Chiropractic care may enhance posture, which in turn eases tension and stress.

6. Aids in a better night's sleep

Getting enough sleep is critical to your well-being on all levels. Reducing pain and stress with chiropractic adjustments positively affects sleep quality.

7. Stimulates the body's natural defenses

Stress suppresses the immune system, increasing the likelihood of a person getting sick. Spinal adjustments boost immunity through reduced stress and enhanced nervous system function.

8. Boosts vitality

Low energy and exhaustion are common responses to long-term stress. A boost in vitality is one of the many benefits of chiropractic care for the spine.

9. Improves lives holistically

Improve your health and wellness from the inside out with chiropractic therapy. Adjustments to the spine have been shown to boost health and well-being generally, leading to a higher standard of living.

Chiropractic Care and Its Role in Managing Stress

The role of chiropractic care is to improve the function of the nervous system, which can impact various aspects of health, including stress.

Spinal adjustments are a common method used in chiropractic care. They involve applying controlled force to the spine to fix misalignment. Misalignment can cause nerve irritation, which can impact the function of the nervous system.

The Importance of Regular Chiropractic Care

While spinal adjustments can have immediate benefits, it's important to note that regular chiropractic care is necessary to maintain these benefits. Just like exercise or healthy eating habits, chiropractic care is a lifestyle choice that requires consistency.

Regular chiropractic care can avoid misalignment, which also helps the nervous system and overall health. It can also help manage stress by providing a natural way to regulate the nervous system.

Do You Need Chiropractic Care? Turn to Motion Wellness!

Are you looking for a different way to manage stress and improve your mood? Getting chiropractic care may be worth considering.

With our team of skilled Canberra chiropractors, Motion Wellness is confident enough in its team of health professionals ready to help you achieve a better quality of life by providing chiropractic treatments in Canberra.

To avail yourself of our services, be sure to get in touch with us at (02) 6179 6321 today!

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Jaxon Moynihan
Jaxon Moynihan
Nov 08, 2023

I found this article on the link between spinal adjustments, mood improvement, and stress reduction fascinating, highlighting the holistic benefits of chiropractic care beyond just physical well-being.

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