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What Conditions Do Chiropractors Treat?

Updated: Feb 23

Chiropractors treat a wide range of health problems that can make it hard for people to move and get around. A chiropractor looks at problems with muscles and joints and uses a variety of treatments to help with common aches and pains, sports injuries, and conditions like back pain.

Their goal is to ease pain and make things work better. They don't write prescriptions or perform surgeries. Instead, they adjust or move your spine and other body parts to get them in the right place. Chiropractic care is based on the idea that your body is more likely to heal if it is in the right place.

Find out some of the most common conditions that chiropractors in Canberra can treat that don't just have anything to do with the spine.

1. Back pain

One of the most common reasons people go to a chiropractor is for help with low back pain. A chiropractor can help some people with low back pain. Some research found that going to a chiropractor helped people with low back pain more than their family doctor.

2. Neck pain

Most of the time, chiropractors treat neck pain by moving the neck. In some cases, these exercises and adjustments for the neck may work better than painkillers for neck pain. If you've had neck pain for a long time that wasn't caused by an injury, you might want to see a chiropractor.

3. Headaches from stress

Getting a chiropractic adjustment for your neck may help with tension headaches. Tension headaches can be brought on by both stress and bad posture. A chiropractor could move your neck and show you how to stretch.

The chiropractor may also suggest healthy ways to deal with stress and eliminate headaches, such as having good posture and understanding how your body works.

4. Disc Pain

Disc problems can range from a slight bulge or tear to a complete disc rupture. The lower back is often affected by these problems. Usually, pain comes on quickly and may worsen when sitting for a long time. We have a lot of experience using physiotherapeutic tools, exercise, and light spinal manipulation to help people with disc problems.

5. Knee Pain

Most of the time, knee osteoarthritis is caused by wear and tear on the knee joint. This happens to a lot of people. A chiropractor might be able to help.

Chiropractors sometimes work on the back as well as the knees. This kind of treatment might help more than just doing knee exercises. After a few weeks of chiropractic adjustments, some people feel less pain and can move around better.

6. Whiplash

Car accidents often cause whiplash. In the process, you might get neck aches from whiplash that turning your head may hurt, alongside dizziness or nausea. Chiropractors can help by adjusting and recommending stretching and using heat or ice to alleviate muscle spasms and swelling at home.

7. Shoulder pain

If your shoulder is tight and uncomfortable, a chiropractor can help you. Chiropractic therapy may improve frozen shoulder discomfort and mobility.

8. Plantar Fasciitis

This condition happens when the thin tissue on the bottom of the foot gets inflamed or irritated. Some symptoms are a pain in the heels when walking, swelling, and numbness. This pain can be taken care of by chiropractors

Other Conditions That Chiropractors Treat

Chiropractic can treat arthritis, poor sleep, terrible posture, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, tennis elbow, knee pain, other sports, job, and accident injuries. Many patients find long-term relief via chiropractic adjustments, electrical muscle stimulation, laser therapy, and therapeutic massage.

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Nov 24, 2023

This comprehensive exploration of the varied conditions chiropractors treat goes beyond the surface, providing a clear understanding of the diverse range of issues that can be addressed through chiropractic care, making it an invaluable resource for anyone considering this holistic approach to wellness.

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