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Meet the Motion Wellness team 

Dr James head shot youngjin (James) Lim. Chiropractor at our Clinics in Macqaurie & Lyneham Canberra

Dr James (Youngjin) Lim

Dr James (Youngjin) has always been interested in health and passionate about helping others to live a healthier life.

Dr James grew up being exposed to Chiropractic and Physiotherapy from young age which has awakened his interest in alternative health care. He found the most profound result using the Gonstead analysis and approach.

Dr James has a very strong passion for the Gonstead system of Chiropractic. 

He appreciates it's specificity in the correction of spinal misalignments, and continues to be amazed by how accurate and precise adjustments can affect the nervous system, removing interference, thus allowing the spine and body to function at its optimum state.

Attending extensive workshops, seminars and learning from mentors has honed his skills. He has a real desire is to help people of all ages reducing their pain,

improving their quality of life and get back to doing things that they love in life.

Motion wellness - Dr Kim Chiropractor at Motion wellness Macquaire Canberra

Dr Yohan (Inseong) Kim Chiropractor

Dr Kim was exposed to Chiropractic from a young age. Dr Kim discovered the positive results of Chiropractic while trying to manage his scoliosis. His experience motivated him to become a Chiropractor. Dr Kim is now motivated to help others with their spinal health and pain management in the same way he was. He holds a deep empathy for patients who experience pain because I was once in their shoes. Dr Kim dedicates himself to ongoing education. Dr Kim’s dedication to ongoing learning and understanding his patients experience ensures he provides high quality care to all his patients

Our counsellor Elizabeth who works with Individuals & couples in our Lyneham clinic in Canberra

Elizabeth Scott Couple & Individual Counsellor 

Elizabeth Scott is a strong believer that personal change is possible, and that counselling is a great aid to change-making. She holds a Diploma of Counselling and a Graduate Diploma of Relationships Counselling in addition to several other qualifications.

In counselling with Elizabeth, you will have opportunity to share your story in a non-judgemental context. If you're coming for marriage or relationship counselling, Elizabeth can work with you on your communication issues, help you make sense of past traumas and distressing events, and work on practical steps to improve daily interactions with your partner. 

Team headshots
Motion Wellnes - Greg Phillips  Individual Counsellor

Greg Phillips

Couple & Individual Counsellor

Greg brings a unique professional warmth to Motion Wellness clients.
As he works towards a master’s in counselling, Greg combines a deep
understanding of issues faced by individuals and couples in the modern world with
knowledge gained through studies in Counselling, Sociology and Psychology.

He has specialised in teaching a range of elite Human Skills fundamental to
success, in partnership with some of the world’s most cited scholars.
He uses an integrated approach, helping individuals and couples figure out what
works, as they make their way through difficult change, relationship conflict, problem
solving, making important decisions, handling uncertainty, dealing with stress, emotional

literacy, social anxiety and personal growth.

Our counsellor Shanti who works with Individuals & couples in our Lyneham clinic in Canberra

Shanti Athugalage

Couple & Individual Counsellor

Shanti has over 7 years of counselling experience working with individuals, couples, parents and families. Shanti has completed her undergraduate in Arts in Psychology, Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Counselling and currently doing her Masters in Social Work. Shanti has special experience in working with childhood sexual abuse and trauma and is a strong believer in person-centered therapy and motivational counselling. These approaches focus on the individual’s unique experiences, feelings and perspectives.

Shanti's takes a compassionate and client-centered approach to counselling, emphasizing the importance of understanding individual experiences and working collaboratively towards positive change. 

Our Canberra Counselling service is conveniently located in Macquarie. 

Our Canberra Counselling service is conveniently located in Lyneham. 

Motion Wellness - Blake Anderson  Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Blake Anderson

Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Blake offers his vast experience and professional approach to Motion Wellness clients. He specialises in helping couples work through conflict and many other types of relationship issues.

Blake has been providing relationship counselling services & psychotherapy for over 18 years. Blake holds a degree in counselling, majoring in Psychotherapy and a Graduate Diploma in Emotionally Focussed Therapy. He has helped many individuals and couples work through a diverse variety of issues including, marriage & relationship issues, anxiety, anger, depression, grief & loss, work issues, stress, and self-harm. Blake offers his vast experience and professional approach to Motion Wellness clients. He specialises in helping couples work through conflict and many other types of relationship issues.


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