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Symptoms of a relationship in trouble:

Criticism – attacking your partner’s character, trying to make yourself right and them wrong.

Defensiveness – seeing yourself as the victim, making excuses, not listening, etc.

Expressions of contempt – attacking the other through sarcasm, abuse, body language such as sneering or rolling the eyes.

Stonewalling – withdrawing through silence, monosyllabic answers or moving away.


Emotionally Focused couples counselling and therapy is an evidence-based therapy designed to help those facing challenges in their relationships. Our psychotherapist Blake Anderson is an Emotionally Focused counsellor & therapist who has been helping couples better understand each other for over fifteen years. Using an evidenced-based approach, with a strong focus on teaching people skills that apply to their everyday lives and relationships, couples will discover the knowledge, experience and solutions they need to repair or enhance their relationships.

At Motion Wellness our commitment is always to work alongside our clients with an emphasis on supporting them to achieve the change they really want.

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