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5-Step Formula for Building Trust, Healing, and Rekindling Passion in Your Relationship

Discover the transformative power of expert couples counselling & therapy and reignite the spark in your relationship.

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About or Couples therapist - Elizabeth

Elizabeth Scott is a strong believer that personal change is possible, and that counselling is a great aid to change-making. She holds a Diploma of Counselling and a Graduate Diploma of Relationships Counselling in addition to several other qualifications.

In counselling with Elizabeth, you will have opportunity to share your story in a non-judgemental context. If you're coming for marriage or relationship counselling, Elizabeth can work with you on your communication issues, help you make sense of past traumas and distressing events, and work on practical steps to improve daily interactions with your partner. 

Elizabeth uses a range of techniques and methodologies from different counselling traditions - including narrative therapy, art therapy, and trauma-informed processes - to help you move towards a happier and healthier future.

Our counsellor Elizabeth who works with Individuals & couples in our Lyneham clinic in Canberra

About our Couples therapist - Blake 

Blake has been providing relationship counselling services & psychotherapy for over 15 years. Blake holds a degree in counselling, majoring in Psychotherapy and a Graduate Diploma in Emotionally Focussed Therapy. He has helped many individuals and couples work through a diverse variety of issues including, marriage & relationship issues, anxiety, anger, depression, grief & loss, work issues, stress, and self-harm. Blake offers his vast experience and professional approach to Motion Wellness clients. He specialises in helping couples work through conflict and many other types of relationship issues. Our Canberra Counselling service is conveniently located in Macquarie. 


During your appointments you will not just talk about change – you will learn how to change. Blake’s philosophy, and what separates his service from others, is that he is committed to helping individuals and couples free themselves from negative patterns of feeling, thinking and behaviour. 

Our counsellor  & owner of Motion Wellness Blake who works with Individuals & couples in our Lyneham clinic in Canberra

        About our Counsellor - Greg 

About our Counsellor - Greg 

Greg brings a unique professional warmth to Motion Wellness clients.
As he works towards a master’s in counselling, Greg combines a deep
understanding of issues faced by individuals and couples in the modern world with
knowledge gained through studies in Counselling, Sociology and Psychology.
He has specialised in teaching a range of elite Human Skills fundamental to
success, in partnership with some of the world’s most cited scholars.
He uses an integrated approach, helping individuals and couples figure out what
works, as they make their way through difficult change, relationship conflict, problem
solving, making important decisions, handling uncertainty, dealing with stress, emotional

literacy, social anxiety and personal growth.

Our counsellor Greg who works with Individuals & couples in our Lyneham clinic in Canberra

About our Counsellor - Shanti 


Shanti has over 7 years of counselling experience working with individuals, couples, parents and families. Shanti has completed her undergraduate in Arts in Psychology, Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Counselling and currently doing her Masters in Social Work. Shanti has special experience in working with childhood sexual abuse and trauma and is a strong believer in person-centered therapy and motivational counselling. These approaches focus on the individual’s unique experiences, feelings and perspectives.

Shanti's takes a compassionate and client-centered approach to counselling, emphasizing the importance of understanding individual experiences and working collaboratively towards positive change. 

Our counsellor Shanti who works with Individuals & couples in our Lyneham clinic in Canberra


  • ​Improve relationship communication

  • Learn a better way of talking about problems

  • Learn to understand each other 

  • Learn to turn toward each other again

  • Develop a closer relationship

  • Learn to stop doing what is not working in your relationship.

  • Build goodwill together 


Please read what clients have to say about our team and how they have helped them below 

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Symptoms of a relationship in trouble:

Criticism – attacking your partner’s character, trying to make yourself right and them wrong.

Defensiveness – seeing yourself as the victim, making excuses, not listening, etc.

Expressions of contempt – attacking the other through sarcasm, abuse, body language such as sneering or rolling the eyes.

Stonewalling – withdrawing through silence, monosyllabic answers or moving away.


Emotionally Focused couples counselling and therapy is an evidence-based therapy designed to help those facing challenges in their relationships. Our psychotherapist Blake Anderson is an Emotionally Focused counsellor & therapist who has been helping couples better understand each other for over fifteen years. Using an evidenced-based approach, with a strong focus on teaching people skills that apply to their everyday lives and relationships, couples will discover the knowledge, experience and solutions they need to repair or enhance their relationships.

At Motion Wellness our commitment is always to work alongside our clients with an emphasis on supporting them to achieve the change they really want.

Motion Wellness couple feeling better after counselling


My partner and I saw Blake Anderson at Motion Wellness for couples counselling. In hope to help us with our communication and conflict resolution issues. I must say we both are better from it. Blake was highly professional, he provided us with a safe environment to be more vulnerable towards each other and instilled us with tools and methods to better our relationship.

Chris & Dianne

Very helpful understanding the situation. No judgment, easy to talk and listen. First time using a counselling service would recommend highly. Very professional. Gives you goals to work to achieve what you're looking for.


We saw one of the couple’s specialist therapists at Motion Wellness and it has made us much better as a couple. We thought we could fix our relationship ourselves, but we now know how powerful good therapy is. We are so glad we made the leap into therapy. Thank you, Motion Wellness.

James and Paula

We couldn't agree on much and were stuck in a pattern of fighting. Our Therapist Riddhi helped us break this cycle and replace not listening with listening and not understanding with understanding. We are very grateful to our therapist and would recommend couples that are struggling to see one of the counsellors at Motion Wellness.

Peter & Louise

After years of dealing with anxiety I decided to do something about it. I am glad I did as I now feel a lot better and have learnt so much about how to better manage my anxiety. Thanks Susan


We saw a counsellor at Motion Wellness as we were struggling with different parenting issues. After a few sessions we felt we had changed the way we understood each other and after a few months counselling we had a much better system of parenting together. Thanks guys!

Simone & David

I booked with Blake at Motion Wellness as what I read about the way he works seemed to make sense.

Great experience and we are a happier couple now.


Blake's technique and approach has made such a positive impact and improvement in our relationship. With Blake's experience and expertise we now have a much stronger understanding of our own triggers, invisible patterns and behaviours to support ourselves and each other.

Blake is always professional and goes the extra mile. We would highly recommend him for all couples who are looking to invest time to strengthen their relationships, regardless of the types of conflicts, or even just to learn and improve on what is currently there.

Katie & James 2023

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